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亚喜科技(YaXii) 是一家服务于工业暖通自控HVAC行业的企业。我们提供完整的大型工厂温湿度控制和空调除尘系统解决方案,提供咨询,设计,安装,维护和备件等各种服务。我们拥有超过30年行业经验丰富的高级工程师,您可以完全信赖我们的专业知识和对高质量标准的承诺。我们的客户遍布不止中国,还有印尼,越南,俄罗斯等。
YaXii is a firm of Industrial HVAC Quality Consultants and Engineers. We deliver the textile industry with complete air humidity and temperature systems, dust extraction systems, providing everything from consultation, to design, to installation and spare parts. With over 30 years experienced senior engineers in our company, you can rely on our expertise and our commitment to the highest quality standards. Our extraction clients come from different countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia. 


We take great pride and confidence in our well qualified and experienced company engineers, technicians and supporting staff. We guarantee that our Temperature and humidity control and dust solutions are "right first time".


我们的技术人员将提供售前和售后服务,我们会尽全力解决您的问题并帮助您实现国际标准及要求。Our technicians will provide the pre and post sales to give you all the support you may need. We solve your problems and help you meet international standards and requirements.


Our objective is to supply competitively priced systems compliant with current environmental legislation and conforming to the highest standards.



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